INODERM Cosmetic Quality Control

The Cosmetic Quality Control Department of INODERM product line laboratory monitors the process quality at all times. It checks that the quality of raw materials, packaging, containers and all products and utensils used in the laboratory comply with the standard requirements, current regulations and most especially with the Spanish, European and other significant pharmacopeia. It also certifies good handling techniques throughout the manufacturing processes and execution of strict manufacturing protocols, checking numerous physical and chemical parameters of the product at all times, as well as the suitability of the containers, labelling and packaging.

Lastly, it performs  microbiological tests  on the finished product. When the suitability report has been produced, its conclusions are presented to the Technical Pharmaceutical Management which will supervise the work done and take a decision as to whether or not the product is suitable for sale in the market.

Natural cosmetic quality standards

The  BDIH, is a German association based in Mannheim which has become the most prestigious certification body for  natural cosmetic product quality.

Natural Solter Manufacturer

Natural Solter has several technical departments, which rigorously control our cosmetic manufacturing processes.

INODERM Laboratory

Cosmetic sales

Sales of natural cosmetics to third parties in Spain and Europe.

INODERM Laboratory

Product research and development

with a certified line of natural cosmetics

INODERM Laboratory

Quality control

of raw cosmetic materials according to European standards.

INODERM Laboratory

Cosmetics monitoring plan

Cosmetics monitoring plan that monitors expiry dates.

INODERM Laboratory

Cosmetic manufacturer

Production of the laboratory in clean rooms.

INODERM Laboratory

Product distribution

Responsible for distributing and exporting cosmetic ranges.